You’ve got lots to sell. But not enough people buying. Your online presence isn’t felt or effective. That’s why you need online marketing to make your business go boom!

Online, or Digital Marketing is simply marketing on the internet. Marketing, according to the Cambridge dictionary, is ‘ a job that involves encouraging people to buy a product or service’. Their American definition calls it ‘the work of advertising and offering goods or services for sale’.

Simply put. Its helping to sell stuff.

Over the years marketing has moved from being a shout or on a sign, to radio and TV, and then onto the Internet. Simple in the beginning it has now become something so much more complex.

And while your reach and opportunity to sell has extended to include the world. Your competition has got bigger and your voice quieter.

In the digital world your online presence is your voice. And you need your voice to be heard.

That thing you want to sell? That you want people to know about? The only way that is going to happen is if you stand out from the crowd. That constant bombardment of words sounds and images.

Your online presence has to be strong. Your voice loud. You need online marketing.

To have a strong, recognised, online presence you are going to need a website that is smooth and efficient, that appears quicker when people search for your product, and that provides the same consistently strong presence and quality across every online channel.

There is no such thing as a simple way of selling online. It is as complex as the competition is fierce. As such there are many ways to increase your online presence, to increase your reach, and ultimately make you more money.

Methods Of Online (Digital) Marketing


If you want to appear whenever your ‘thing’ is searched for. You need the best SEO. Having the best Search Engine Optimization will put you ahead of everyone. It helps you stand out. It is a must if you want your business to sustain and succeed.

A saying you might see online is ‘content is king’. It is the argument for why one website will stand out from another. Why one king reigns over the competition. Because ‘content’ requires all the right elements. It is complex and evolving. It requires great SEO.

Great SEO, which involves many elements like keywords, will have your page rank high in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The higher you rank. The more you are seen. The bigger your chance of success.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing.

PPC (Google Adwords) is simply paying for an advertisement. A proper PPC marketing campaign will not only put you in front of potential customers. It will put you in front of the right, targeted, potential customers. Like someone preaching to the converted.

Utilising PPC you can give your online reach a needed boost. It is more costly than organic SEO which, after the initial cost, continues to run for free. PPC usually requires an initial fee and then a regular smaller fee if you want to continue running a campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms have become the backbone of our society. They are how everyone connects. And boy do we like to connect.

Between Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, or whatever other up-and-coming platform about to take off, we send, receive, and are exposed to, a staggering amount of images, videos, written words and voices.

To be able to use these platforms and methods to increase your brand, service, or product, you need to know what you are doing. At the very least you need to pay someone else who knows what they are doing.

Having no online presence in this world is almost like having no presence at all. Even if your goal is just to attract customers who are nearby you still need a strong online presence. There is no option. Get building now.