Imagine this: you have met with a potential business partner, and everything seems right. You are set to sign a contract you get invited to their office – a corroded truck under a bridge! Makes you have second thoughts about engaging in a business partnership, doesn’t it? Right, that’s how your potential investors and customers feel when they visit your website and find it outdated and shoddy. You would instead give them a polished and high-performing site to attract them to work with you.

But what will be the cost of doing that?

Users judge the credibility of your business by looking at the design of your website. So, investing in a quality site or hiring a Hubspot website design professional, always bears fruits. The issue is getting the right web design service that will suit your budget. This article openly discusses web design service costs. We will describe what you expect to get for your range of cost so that you don’t get overcharged.

The best web design methods are divided into three groups namely high, medium, and low cost. Low-cost web design services include DIY techniques like templates. Medium cost sites are the most common, and they involve hiring a freelance web designer to create your website. The high-cost websites get developed by web design agencies. This requires fewer efforts on your part.

What you need your site to do determines the cost of designing it. Additional pages, extra features, and complicated interfaces all lead to extra design and development expenses. Before spending your money on website design, first, think through what you want to do with the site. That will give you an idea of the most efficient method to spend your money on.

Your 3 Major Web Design Options

Now let’s talk about each web design method individually. You can determine where your money is going and what you expect to get. The prices don’t include costs like maintenance, hosting and development fees.

1. Working with a web design agency

Cost: £2,500+

A web design agency is the greatest design choice that money can purchase. Assigning an agency the task of designing your site gives you full relieve, but at a cost, sometimes even millions. The best thing about agencies is that your website gets developed by a team rather than an individual. If you want to hire a design agency, first outline the needed features to determine if the price is justified.

2. Hiring a freelancer to do your web designing

Cost: £300- £5,000+

It is the most popular web design method, and it balances the price and the quality of the final design. It is also a neutral ground between DIY and not doing anything by hiring a web design agency. In many cases, you can get a freelancer to set up the basic framework of the site, then go about adding the content yourself – this is the best option if it is important that your site conveys a personal feel.

With a freelancer, you need to understand what you need first because leaving all the design decisions to the freelancer might result in a different design than expected. The cost of hiring a freelancer varies depending on their level of expertise and the workload.

3. DIY using templates

Cost: £0-£300

Platforms like Shopify, Weebly, SquareSpace, and Wix, are steering a new trend of DIY site design, giving anyone the capability of building and managing their websites at limited costs.

These sites use templates to simplify such a complex task. The disadvantage here is limited customization options. Templates can repress creativity.


We divided the primary methods of designing websites into three to make it easier to understand web design costs, but the reality is that the quality of the site varies significantly among the categories. Once again, understanding what you need first makes it easier to decide on the right designer for you and to estimate the cost.

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25th January 2019