Growth hacking is a concept that is worth embracing. Its implementation can be the variance between your business succeeding or merely surviving.

Glancing back at history, an idea that resembles growth hacking is “benchmarking,” which is the ability to analyze your competitors. And check if you can acquire strategies to enhance your market position. What exactly is Growth Hacking? Read on to find out more.

Growth hacking shares some of the comparable attributes to benchmarking, though on a deep level. Growth hacking centers on acquiring market traction by the adoption of data-driven methods.

For instance, if you have an audience target of 18 to 25 year old males. You can apply software to analyze marketing strategies of a well-known artist. To get to learn how her marketing department reaches that audience best. By application of this software, your company can have insight into an average amount of hits on the artist’s website. This mainly concerns the origin of the hits, SEO keywords utilized, and also samples of ads, run across various campaigns.

With this knowledge, your business should test the versions of the pages of your website to determine the interaction which leads to a higher conversion rate. The last stage in growth hacking is having the ability to heighten your company’s voice.

By utilization of the above tactics, you can drive traffic to a new company website, and significantly improve the SEO rankings of your business. It’s no doubt this leads to improved conversions and profits.

Powerful Tactics for Growth Hacking

To effectively growth hack, lots of creativity and understanding of the database programming is required.

Be exclusive: You need to come up with a plan that lets your product to stand out as well as be available to multiple groups of people. It’s a popular notion that clients desire to be part of something exclusive and unique.

Offer free things: This can attract more clients. If the word “free” is applied strategically, it can make people disregard the exact cost they ultimately have to pay for the product.

Come up with a referral criteria: Referrals work for any type of business whether large or small. In this way, the customers you have dealt with can refer other clients without you having to do anything about it.

Study the client’s desires: Learn to discern what your buyers look for in any of your products. Advertise and use that to project that specific thing in your product.

Associate with clients in an understandable language: After you have identified and understood your target market, get to study the culture that clients are used to. This way you can reach out to them in a simple language they can comprehend.

Establish your Product: Survey to get to know how much your target clients appreciate the products or services that you offer.


There is no distinct way of growth hacking your business or website. Growth hacking can break the fundamental law of organic evolution, and that’s why it requires creativity and ingenuity to break the initial growth limit.