Ways for Accounting Firms to Attract Customers

Social media marketing methods can help accounting firms differentiate themselves from their competitors.

In a competitive marketplace, using social media marketing to promote and provide information to customers is one-way accounting firms can set their business apart from others. According to the website Twellow there are over 2,800 accounting-related accounts on Twitter and several hundred accountant groups on the social networking sites like Facebook. Not participating in these strong social communities may put a firm at risk of losing customers to an accounting firm.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media utilizes collaborative media efforts like blogs, community forums, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to communicate with customers. Accounting firms can utilize social media marketing to differentiate their services and expertise from others in the market.

Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook can all be utilized at no cost, making them an extremely affordable way to market accounting services, build customer relations and establish expertise.

Tips for Accountants to Use Social Media Marketing

Before jumping in headfirst and launching a full scale social media marketing campaign, accounting firms should monitor activity on sites like Facebook or Twitter. Leading accounting firms like Ernst & Young and McGladrey & Pullen use Twitter to post announcements, relevant financial news, and company updates. Other firms offer RSS feeds on their websites for customers to subscribe to for easy monitoring.

Take the time to learn where clients and competitors are participating in communities, social networking sites, or blogs. Follow their activity and posts. Use a search engine to search your own accounting firm’s name to see what others are saying about the company or if the firm has been mentioned in any articles or blogs. Follow any of the blogs or websites that mention your firm.

Set realistic expectations for the social media marketing efforts put in place. Determine how the company will measure results. For starters, try to set aside a few minutes each day to dedicate to reading posts. Start out by following some accounting thought leaders on Facebook, Twitter or blogs. Consider retweeting relevant posts or starting an accounting blog that provides answers to commonly asked questions.

To build awareness of an accounting firm’s web presence, including the Twitter address and Facebook information on customer statements, emails, newsletters, and post links on the company website. Encourage customers to join in conversations or to ask questions about their accounting dilemmas. Let the unique personality of an accounting firm shine through by allowing staff members to write and monitor posts.

Accounting firms, big and small, can attract customers, build brand recognition and enhance customer relations through social media marketing. All that is required to participate in this web marketing effort is time, internet access, and a willingness to communicate with customers in a new, personal way.