All businesses need to find methods to enhance their processes due to high competition present in the current market. We are in the technology era where the internet is the most trending platform for marketing. Nearly everyone nowadays has access to the internet; hence it would be easier to reach people through this course. It is, therefore, the obligation of any business to embrace this system and come up with strategies that will help it grow.

The Internet is favourable to businesses, more so the newly started ones, since it provides a variety of such marketing tools. Advertising through the internet is cost effective and more applicable since a more significant number of people will be reached compared to the other forms of advertisements. In this article, we are going to look into some of the essential online marketing tools that will be critical for your business.

1. HubSpot

One of the online tools you need to have is HubSpot marketing which has excellent features that aid in creating and managing campaign pages. HubSpot is essential for startups since it helps in controlling marketing progression and uses email as a media for advertisements. Online marketing factors such as increasing the website traffic, signifying that more people are visiting your business’s webpage, are well taken care of. It uses Data Analytics to monitor the progress of the marketing campaigns and automates the web traffic management process by providing Lead Management tool.

2. Google tools

Google provides several tools for marketing purposes with the most popular being Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics. These tools help in accumulating and analysing data concerning the number of visits on your page. The more the collected data, the higher the rate of growth of your internet campaigns, therefore, the two tools are vital for your business.

The other tool provided by Google is Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which helps in promoting your products and services through the creation of Ads. It also helps in improving the visibility of your website in the results of internet searches, and it attains this by creating keywords.

3. MailChimp

MailChimp is a tool that uses emails as an avenue for interacting with customers and prospects in the hopes of attracting more of them to purchase your products and services. You initially have to acquire MailChimp and draft an exciting note that will be sent to different people. Email marketing is efficient and will affect your business positively.

4. Buffer

We cannot overlook the considerable influence social media has caused on the internet. People are nowadays creating accounts for all social media channels. Therefore, a tool that inclines toward social media could generate a substantial impact on the progression of your business. Well, Buffer is available to gratify your social media marketing needs, by organising and preparing content and uploading it on social media platforms.

5. Optimizely

When you require to optimise your online marketing campaigns, Optimizely is the most appropriate tool for that. It uses the A/B testing method to select the most efficient version of a website for your business. As a result, visitors end up getting the best experience from your site.


Acquiring these tools will take your business sales and development a notch higher. When you set goals for your business, achieving them means that this business is thriving the harsh market conditions. Many small businesses are starting from time to time while only a few flourishes, therefore, you should not neglect anything that helps you get into the track whatsoever.

SEO in 2019

21st February 2019