It is without a doubt that online marketing has grown tremendously and diverse, touching new apexes of modernism. You can name them all from social media platforms, mobile messaging apps, email marketing, native advertising platforms and websites. Innovations are being made each day in an aim of enhancing effective digital marketing even further. With the new year, we can expect nothing less than new strategies, more advanced marketing platforms, and higher technologies to promote how business advertise and market their products and brands online. This article exclusively goes through marketing trends latest news.

One of the major trends in digital marketing is the increased number of business companies that are engaging in online marketing. This comes at a time when online marketing is becoming more of a necessity other than an option to any business. The majority of the target audience are available on internet platforms that give a tremendous opportunity for business in reaching their potential customers. More businesses according to research statistics are enthusiastic about spending high amounts of the marketing budget on paid online advertisements with the aim of giving their business more exposure. Google has witnessed an increased annual revenue of twenty-one percent which is majorly attributed to the online advertisement business. The increase in advertising revenue serves as proof that digital marketing is becoming more and more competitive. As each digital marketer seeks to get an edge in the competition, the best option is utilising upcoming digital platforms which are becoming highly used by their already and potential customers.

Another marketing trends latest news that continue to shape digital marketing is email marketing. For decades, email marketing has remained a critical component of any online marketing strategy. As customer preferences continue to get unfathomable, email marketing is continuously evolving and improving. Personalisation in email marketing is one of the current market trends. Personalisation is not new in digital marketing but has proven to deliver quite good results in email marketing. It is achieved by combining the advanced email automation and insights obtained from data analytics. You will be able to meet six times more transaction rates through personalised emails. It also improves your conversions by ten percent and click-through rates by fourteen per cent.

In spite of maintaining as the top best social media platform regarding popularity, Facebook has had declined use among its users. The decline regarding use is among all the age groups except people who are over fifty-five years. According to research, most people have changed how they engage with this platform. About twenty-six percent say they have removed the Facebook app from their mobile devices while forty-two percent have had a break from logging into the app for some weeks. About seventy percent of Facebook users have admitted to taking one of the two actions last year.

Other worthy online marketing trends include video marketing, voice search, and visual search. Research reveals that about twenty percent of all Google search queries is voice search. More and more people are getting to utilise voice searches as the technology advance higher. Though it’s hard for voice search to replace input search, optimising your business for voice search will enable you to reach to highly potential customers. Video marketing is growing fast with no signs of slowing. Approximately eighty-two percent of online traffic is resulting from videos. This shows you the need to invest in video marketing. Similar to voice search, visual search is becoming a perfect strategy as consumers increase their desire for obtaining online information with ease and fast. This presents an ideal opportunity for a business to take advantage of visual human nature by getting into this apparent search trend.

In conclusion, these are some of the market trends latest news that is more likely to maintain prominence in online marketing this year. If you did not take advantage of the digital marketing trends last year, don’t take chances this time around. Getting to know about these changes and trends together with their possible influence on your business should help you adjust your marketing strategies on time and stay ahead of the competition.