When adequately combined for an internet marketing campaign, both email and social network marketing can become extremely valuable, sales-generating assets.

While social network marketing is often hailed as the most effective sales tool, some of the most experienced marketers have been slightly underwhelmed with its performance as a long-term online marketing method. Sure, it is possible to gain thousands of one-off email subscribers or website visitors at once. It is undoubtedly possible to monetize them while viewing an online business website. It is monetizing them after being on a business website that seems to elude even the most talented online marketers.

Internet marketing is all about ways to make money online. While the short-term stampede to profit brings up hundreds of new online products and offers powered by the pay-per-click model, it is the long-term marketers that are truly reaping the rewards of an online marketing empire. They view social network marketing not to make money online directly but as something useful that should be part of an entire internet marketing campaign.

The trick to social network marketing is in making sure it is used not as a sales tool but as a platform for developing customer relationships. If used in combination with email marketing strategies, online entrepreneurs can create solid and highly valuable long-term marketing assets. In email and social networking platforms, the primary phase of developing customer relationships is the most difficult. The following tips will help in doing just that:

Getting Social Media Audiences on Board with the Right Mindset

The first part of creating long-term customer relationships with social media is the hardest. Online entrepreneurs and internet marketers have got to convince people that they are worth spending time with, worth investing energy in, and potentially worth spending money on. While a perfect job for narcissists, the role of “social media converter” is quite difficult for most.

The best way to bring people on board a social networking opt-in list is by relaxing, being natural, and letting them see for themselves if it is worthwhile. Those who push ultimately get connections, but very rarely will they get positive long-term prospects. Online entrepreneurs on social networking sites should let users judge their value, and if they like it, enjoy their continued attention.

Overcoming Customers’ Initial Anti-Spend Reflex

Converting readers into email marketing subscribers is one thing – converting subscribers into buyers is a whole new ball game. With effective email marketing, it is possible to introduce products to customers – be it an online informational product, a tangible offline product, or even a piece of software or service.

When it comes to the initial sale, it is best to stick with what is proven. Online entrepreneurs and internet marketers that have marketed products through email before should already be familiar with the standard 70:30 value: marketing split. They should follow it to a tee to gain a small but valuable number of purchase-tested followers.

When customer relationships have been developed through these channels, maintaining them for long-term business is simple. The better relationships are with customers, the more willing they are to make repeat purchases or even recommend a brand to others. Social networks and email marketing provide the best platforms to develop that kind of customer relationships online.


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23rd September 2020